Nothin' To Lose

(words & music by Will George)
I got the whiskey ridin’ on the passenger side
Half of me’s drunk and the other half’s high
I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t really care
I’ll worry ‘bout that when I get there
The one I love was untrue
So I just did what I had to do
Now I’m on the run, front page news
I’ve got nothin’ to gain and nothin’ to lose

Nothin’ to lose
Nothin’ to lose
I got nowhere to go
and nothin’ left to choose
A hundred miles an hour
down a dead-end road
And I won’t get off
Until I explode

I came home early from work today
Caught my baby hard at play
I saw red, the room went black
And I did something that I can’t take back
Now the law is on my tail
If they catch me I’ll go to jail
But I’d rather die than live in a cage
For something that I did in a fit of rage

The only way I can end this story
Is to go out in a blaze of glory

I see flashing lights coming from behind
I step on the gas, I hear the engine grind
I’m flying through the air off the side of the road
All that’s left’ll be metal and bone…

Cowboy Man

(words & music by Will George)
He touched down in the desert in the middle of Joshua Tree
He stepped out of the spaceship and he walked right up to me
He speaks to me in a language I don’t know but somehow understand
He says “I’ve come to Earth because I wanna be a cowboy man”
He’s green and scaly - and a little fat
But he looks real good in his cowboy hat
   He’s a cowboy man
   From a foreign land
   ‘Cross the burnin’ sand
   He’s a cowboy man
He says “I’ve seen all the movies and the western TV shows
And I wanna be a sheriff or a rider in the rodeo
So now please take me to your leader cause you see I’m his biggest fan
Yeh, John Wayne is my hero and I wanna be a cowboy man”
Then he points up to the stars
And says he comes from a place called Mars


All his life he felt misunderstood
He didn’t wanna do the things they said he should
So he left his home - gave it all up for a dream
Now he’s the best damn Martian rodeo rider the Earth has ever seen

Dancing With Angels

(words & music by Will George)
She sits all alone and calls him on the phone but he’s never home
He won’t return her call
She always gets his friend, he says “hi, Paul’s not here again”
But it sounds just like Paul
She remembers when they were dancing with angels
Oh they danced for so long
She remembers dancing with angels
What could have gone wrong?
They met at the grocery store, they’ve been dating for a year or more
As happy as can be
They went out to shows and wore fancy clothes but she didn’t know
Paul’s history
She remembers when they were dancing with angels
She remembers it well
She remembers dancing with angels
But how could she tell
Paul’s not the same
Now he’s a different man
His mind’s gone astray
He just forgot to say
She waits down the block at the corner shop where he always stops
And pretends to make a call
His car pulls in she sees, she yells “Hey Paul, remember me?”
He’s says he can’t recall.  She screams:
Don’t you remember when we were dancing with angels?
Oh we danced for so long
I remember dancing with angels
Hey Paul, what went wrong?

Cutting Room Floor

He said “I want to see you naked. Let’s see whatcha got.
Show me all your talent, and you’ll make it to the top.
You wanna get far in this business you’ll do just what I say
Cause I’m the man in power and you know I’ll have my way.”
Well she wanted in that movie so she did what he asked for
But all her film just ended up on the cutting room floor.
Well they told she was pretty, but she knew that ain’t enough
To stand out from the crowd, you gotta be hot stuff
So she went to see the doctor to get some work done
She got new lips, new boobs, new hips, and she’d only just begun
Well the doctor nipped and tucked her, and by the time she walked out that door
She’d left the best part of her on the cutting room floor
Still she struggled to get noticed, but it was all in vain
The constant rejection slowly drove her insane
The harder that she tried, the more she felt entrapped
Until one night she’d had enough and something in her snapped
Well she pulled out a razor, cut her wrist and was no more
They found her body lying on the cutting room floor
All she ever wanted was to be loved

Queen of California

(words & music by Will George)
She came down from the blue hills of Kentucky
She was playin' in a rock n roll show
She stayed behind because she liked the weather
It never rains in California don't you know
She's livin' in a house in Laurel Canyon
Deep in the heart of Hollywood
She goes to art school, she's makin' movies
She's gonna take the world by storm
She's the queen of California
From the shores of San Francisco Bay
To the desert out in San Diego
She's the queen of Californ-I-A
She learned to surf on the beach at Venice
Every morning up at 6am
Strums her guitar and sings Bob Dylan
Long blonde hair blowin' in the wind
Drives up the coast with the top down
Cruisin' Highway 101
She's the queen of California
From the beaches out in West L.A.
To the vineyards up in Mendocino
She's the queen of Californ-I-A
Heads turn when she walks by
With a beauty to mystify
She'll cast a spell over you
Everytime she walks in the room
She's the queen of California
From the rocky cliffs of Monterey
To the farmlands down around Salinas
She's the queen of Californ-I-A
She's the queen of California
She's the queen of San Jose
She's the queen of Pasadena
She's the queen of Californ-I-A
She's the queen of California

Winter Is Near

(words & music by Harvey McCormick & Richard McCormick)
Late autumn nights and the rustle of leaves
A touch of frost on the gentle breeze
From green to brown go the colour of trees
And wet with rain
 Summer's warmth seemed so long ago
The kids on the street seem all to know
There are some hard times coming ahead
And with it pain
The street is alive with the wealthy and poor
Some have homes some sleep in the door
Some carry gold cards some pan spare change
All seem much older no matter their age
The kids huddled up against the cold rain
scouring through dumpsters in the back lanes
Between Porche and Mercedes and half empty champagne
This is their bed
Late autumn nights and the rustle of leaves
 A touch of frost on the gentle breeze
 From green to brown go the colour of trees
And wet with rain

I'm Alive

(words & music by Jon McGrath)
Caught my reflection, in the mirror
Well, it took me by surprise
And though I say that I’m not missing you
I could see it in my eyes
Wake in the night, I hear your voice
It’s me just talkin’ in my sleep
I tell myself “I'll get over you”
But my feelings run too deep
I’m alive but not doing well
I’m alive but just hanging on
I’m alive but anyone can tell
My life’s a living hell, since you’ve been gone

I’ve tried my best to get over you
But my best ain’t good enough
Thought I could fight away the loneliness
But I’ve learned I’m not that tough
Now there's no point in denying
That you mean the world to me
I tell my friends I can make it on my own
But The only one who’s fooled is me

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