horse op·er·a (ˈhôrs ˈˌäp(ə)rə)


1. a television or radio program or motion picture about the Wild West,often presented serially and   usually dealing with adventures of cowboys, gunmen, gold prospectors, etc.

2. a rockin' roots band from Vancouver, B.C. who will light your party up and keep you dancing all night long.

CD Release party

We recently completed recording our debut album, Nothin' To Lose, at Heavyosonic studio with Marc L'Esperance and are very excited to share the results with you. Our special guests are Darryl Havers on organ, Beth White on harmony vocals, and Marc L'Esperance adding some cool guitar touches.

We will be playing the album live in its entirety on Friday, December 1, 2017 at the Fairview Pub in Vancouver. You can pick up a CD in person at the show!

The CD is available for download and streaming everywhere. Physical copies are currently available at CD Baby. Check it out here.

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